Are Pacifiers Bad for Your Child’s Dental Development?

You always want to set your kids up for success, especially when it comes to dental care near Park Ridge. Starting off on the right foot can help your children enjoy bright, healthy, straight teeth for the rest of their lives. Before your kids are old enough to care for their dental health on their own, however, you will need to take on this responsibility on their behalf; this means you need to understand what will help and what will hurt your baby’s dental health. Keep reading to find out if pacifiers are bad for your child’s dental care development.

Children have a natural instinct to perform a sucking motion, and many parents help to alleviate this urge by providing their baby with a pacifier. As it turns out, this can have both positive and negative effects. Pacifiers can reduce irritability and make babies more comfortable, but they can also have harmful effects on oral health. The use of a pacifier can be harmless up to a certain point because the bone and teeth that are developing in a young mouth can adjust themselves. You should wean your child off of pacifiers by age 2, however, to prevent complications with dental care development.

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