Could Your Smile Benefit from Inlays or Onlays?

Metal fillings were commonly used in tooth decay treatment for quite some time, but modern materials and cosmetic dentistry procedures near Park Ridge have led to more beneficial options. Dental inlays and onlays may be a better choice if you deal with particularly extensive tooth decay or you don’t have enough tooth structure left for traditional fillings. Just like modern fillings and crowns, inlays and onlays can be made to look just like your natural teeth. Take a look ahead if you are wondering if your smile could benefit from inlays or onlays.

If you don’t need a crown but a filling won’t quite cut it, your cosmetic dentist might suggest an inlay or an only. An inlay is similar to a filling in that it is placed between the cusps of your tooth, and it’s often used to replace old or damaged fillings. Onlays serve a similar purpose but will go over the cusps of the tooth. These treatments can address moderate tooth decay while saving your natural tooth, potentially improving your appearance as well as your oral health. As long as your dentist does the job properly, people shouldn’t be able to tell that your inlays and onlays aren’t natural.

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