Exploring the Benefits of Metal-Free Crowns

If you have a damaged tooth, you may want to talk to your cosmetic dentist serving Park Ridge about your dental crown options. Like dental bridges, crowns are used to permanently repair teeth that are cracked, chipped, or misshapen. When you visit an office that provides specialty dental services, you may be able to choose dental crowns that are made from composite materials, rather than metal. A cosmetic dentist can use your metal-free crowns to provide you with a healthy and natural looking smile. Read on for more information about the benefits of choosing metal-free crowns.

Improved Appearance

A crown that is crafted from metal will stand out in your smile. If you want to avoid having a metallic implant in your mouth, you may want to ask about the possibility of choosing metal-free crowns. With a metal-free crown, your crown will have the exact same appearance as your natural teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will painstakingly craft a composite crown that has the same shape, size, and color as your existing teeth.

Better Stability

You may also find that a metal-free crown offers better stability. Metal crowns can sometimes loosen and become dislodged if they are not properly bonded to the tooth. The composite materials that are used to create metal-free crowns are sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. If you are seeking a crown that will allow you to eat, drink, laugh, and talk without concern, you may want to choose a metal-free crown.

Enhanced Safety

The amalgam metal that is used in cosmetic dentistry procedures can contain mercury. Continual exposure to mercury can lead to poisoning in both children and adults. To ensure that you are safe from the dangers of mercury, you may want to choose metal-free crowns. Metal-free crowns are completely clear of any ingredients that could be harmful to your health. After learning about the benefits of metal-free crowns, be sure to set up a consultation with your cosmetic dentist.

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