How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are an alternative to dentures for patients dealing with missing teeth. The results are aesthetically pleasing with fewer concerns about fit and maintenance than with traditional dentures. If you are considering dental implants near Park Ridge, here is what you need to know about treatment.

implantsSingle Tooth Replacement

Unlike dentures, dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth. To start the process, your dentist will place a metal post into your jaw where the tooth is missing. The post will be left to fuse with the bones in your jaw over the course of weeks or months in a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration allows the post to become securely anchored in your jaw so that it functions like a tooth root. Once osseointegration is complete, your dentist will open the gum to expose the post and attach an abutment that acts as a bridge between the post and the crown. When the crown is in place, your gum will heal and the dental implant is complete. It can be treated like your natural teeth and does not require special dietary changes or care.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

For multiple missing teeth that would normally require full or partial dentures, implants can be used to anchor the dentures in place. This means that the dentures then do not need to be removed to be cleaned and will not slip. Like single dental implants, they can be treated like natural teeth. This alternative to traditional dentures is better for many people because it prevents the loss of jawbone that frequently occurs with dentures and changes the facial structure.

Implant Care

In addition to the cosmetic benefits of dental implants, many patients prefer them because they require minimal care. You can floss and brush your dental implants as normal and do not have to avoid any foods. As long you get regular dental cleanings and stick to a daily dental hygiene routine, your implants should last indefinitely.

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