How Many Times Per Day Should You Floss?

Flossing is an essential part of your dental care and helps to prevent gum disease near Park Ridge. As every general or cosmetic dentist can tell you, flossing should be a part of your daily dental care, no matter when you do it.

It is agreed by dentists everywhere that you should floss at least once a day. This can be before or after you brush in the morning, evening, or lunchtime. As long as you floss once a day, the time is up to your personal preference. Some patients may opt for flossing more than once a day if they have something caught between their teeth, possibly from eating corn on the cob or popcorn.

When you floss, before or after you brush your teeth, you are reaching the areas between your teeth and gums that toothbrushes cannot reach. Flossing helps to prevent tartar buildup which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. In the case of something painful between your teeth, floss can also be used to remove whatever the object is. If you cannot safely remove it with floss, then see your emergency dentist right away.

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