Meet Dr. Emma G. Alandy

Are you looking for a new general dentist or emergency dentist to help you take care of your teeth and gums? You can find what you’re looking for from Dr. Emma G. Alandy at Awesome Dentistry! Dr. Emma G. Alandy is pleased to offer a wide range of services in general dentistry and emergency dental care near Park Ridge. Dr. Alandy is trained in emergency dental services and cosmetic dentistry procedures alike.

Dr. Alandy has been practicing at a dental office for over 30 years, but she is dedicated to developing new skills as different fields of dentistry continue to expand. With her decades of experience offering specialty dental services, Dr. Alandy has served as a mentor for countless young dentists. Originally from the Philippines, Dr. Alandy has supported many of her relatives in their moves to the United States. She is now well-known as a cosmetic dentist and is certified in Invisalign and Lumineers. Dr. Alandy is dedicated to giving patients the smiles of their dreams, and she has performed many complex procedures.

teeth and gums

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