Smart Oral Health Habits to Teach Your Kids

Good oral hygiene is something that every child should learn to help them care for their teeth through adolescence and adulthood. Are you looking for ways to ensure that you kids practice good dental care near Park Ridge? If so, then teach them the following habits that can help them maintain their oral health.

Brushing Their Teeth

While it may seem obvious, getting your kids into the habit of giving their teeth a proper brushing for 2 minutes twice per day is one of the smartest oral health habits that you can help them develop. To do this, explain to them the importance of keeping their teeth clean and try to make it fun by letting them pick out their toothbrushes or playing a song that lasts for 2 minutes while they brush. To help them learn good brushing habits, consider brushing your teeth while they do to show them how to properly clean all the surfaces of their teeth.

Flossing Between Their Teeth

In addition to twice daily brushing, flossing their teeth once per day is another important oral health habit to instill in your children. Show your kids how to use dental floss to gently but thoroughly clean the areas between their teeth to remove food and plaque that their toothbrushes can’t reach. Explain to them that flossing their teeth before brushing each night can help their teeth stay clean and healthy while they sleep.

Visiting the Dentist

By introducing your children to the importance of good oral health early on and encouraging them to develop good associations with their dentist, you can help them get into the habit of visiting the dentist for preventative dental cleanings and exams. By inspiring them to feel eager about maintaining their oral health and visiting the dentist office twice per year, you can help them avoid the need for emergency dentist visits and certain restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures later in life.

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