Tips for Teaching Your Kids Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Showing your kids how to have good oral hygiene can help them in a number of ways. Whether they need braces or preventive dental care near Park Ridge, your kids will have a healthier future for their mouth with a solid dental regimen.

Make Oral Hygiene Habits Fun

As your children grow, you want to show them healthy oral hygiene is fun and rewarding. When brushing their teeth and teaching them how to brush, sing a cute song about dental hygiene. This can entertain them, and it will help reinforce brushing for a full two minutes. Include them in buying their toothbrush and flavored toothpaste. When they brush correctly, reward them with something small that reinforces good habits. This reward can be in the form of reading a book or getting a few extra minutes of playtime. As they grow up, children can associate good dental care with rewards and maintain a healthy regimen into adulthood.

Keep Dentist Visits Entertaining and Stress-Free

In addition to rewarding good dental care at home, make visits to the dentist just as fun and entertaining. Children do not have to be afraid of visiting dentists and orthodontists, so try to make the entire experience stress-free. By visiting the dentist after their first tooth erupts, children can see that dental visits and dental cleanings are a normal part of their lives. Make the experience enjoyable by combining it with a fun activity, such as watching their favorite movie or visiting the park after the visit. Keep in mind, if you have anxiety about visiting the dentist, then your children might feel the same anxiety. They need to see there is nothing to fear from the dentist.

Encourage a Healthy, Sugar-Free Diet

As soon as your child begins eating solid foods, encourage him to maintain a healthy diet filled with vegetables, lean proteins, and fruit. Refrain from excessive candies, sodas, and processed foods. This will set up a great foundation for a healthy lifestyle, as well as good oral hygiene.

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