Understanding Overdentures

If you are missing several or all of your natural teeth, you may benefit from dentures in Park Ridge. Dentures are removable dental appliances that are designed to help you bite, chew, and speak better by replacing your missing teeth. Your dentures can be made to resemble your original teeth and may improve the appearance of your smile.

When patients are left with only a few healthy teeth, their cosmetic dentist may recommend overdentures. This type of specialty dental service uses a denture that is designed to fit over your remaining natural teeth and replace your missing ones. Retaining some of your natural teeth can help preserve your jawbone, and provide stability for the overdentures.

Look for a dental clinic that offers a variety of emergency dental care and cosmetic dental procedures. Choose experienced dentists that can help keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Look for an office that will let you experience a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.


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