What Are the Worst Drinks for Kids’ Teeth?

As a parent you have a substantial influence over your children’s dental care and health. In order to make sure you are only making a positive impact, you need to know a little bit about proper dental care near Park Ridge. If you want to prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease, you will need to understand what types of foods and drinks your children should stay away from. Some, like soda, are somewhat obvious;

others, like fruit juice and sports drinks, tend to be a bit more surprising to parents. Read on to learn about the worst drinks for kids’ teeth.


Parents should be concerned about the amount of soda their kids drink for a range of different reasons. Sodas contain little to no nutritional value and can contribute to a variety of health problems. From dental health conditions like gingivitis to heart problems and diabetes, these sugary drinks should not hold a concrete place in your child’s diet. Not only does soda do nothing for your child nutritionally, it attacks tooth enamel and contributes to decay. This is because of the overwhelming amount of sugars that are present in most sodas. If your kids are going to drink soda, make sure you moderate their consumption to promote good dental care.

Fruit Juice

You are probably aware of the importance of fruit for your diet, and this food choice can be particularly beneficial for children. This general knowledge influences many parents to buy their children fruit juices, but not all of them are as healthy as you might think. Many types of fruit juice contain a great deal of sugar; while your child might be getting a partial or full serving of fruit in this drink, his or her oral health may still be in danger. Be careful when giving your children fruit juice, and always check the nutritional information labels.

Sports Drinks

Staying hydrated is crucial, especially when you are spending hours on the field. Many sports drinks offer electrolytes but like fruit juice, they can also contain a great deal of sugar. Consider water over sports drinks to control tooth decay and promote better oral health.

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