What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is an advanced method of dental cleaning used in the non-surgical treatment and prevention of periodontal disease, or gum disease. Dental offices near Park Ridge perform ultrasonic dental cleaning with an instrument called an ultrasonic scaler, which safely and effectively removes tartar buildup from teeth. Tartar buildup significantly increases your risk of developing periodontal disease, and it can only be removed during professional dental cleanings.

dental emergenciesUltrasonic scalers use vibrations to crush and remove hard plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth. These vibrations disrupt bacterial cells and biofilm, and then irrigation is used to flush out and wash the periodontal pocket. The specially designed tips of ultrasonic scalers can penetrate the periodontal pockets much more deeply that manual scalers. They’re also often safer to use for dental cleanings, as they cause no damage to the tooth root, which is crucial in preventing the progression of gingivitis or gum disease.

For the most comprehensive prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, a dentist will combine the use of an ultrasonic scaler with a traditional manual hand scaler. This method increases the likelihood that all tartar and plaque buildup will be removed from your teeth.

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