What to Expect When Your Dentist Recommends Onlays

After your cosmetic dentist recommends dental onlays in Park Ridge, you will schedule a couple of appointments. The procedure itself is not much different from a regular cavity cleaning and filling, but it is still important to understand what dental onlays entail. Continue reading for a breakdown of what to expect during your dental onlay procedure.

Anesthetic and Cleaning

When you go in for your dental onlay procedure, your cosmetic dentist will make sure you are completely comfortable. You will receive a topical anesthetic to numb the area where the local anesthetic will be injected. Once the area is completely numb, the dentist will begin drilling and cleaning the affected tooth. After he is sure the area has been effectively cleaned of infection and damage, the dentist will file down certain areas of the affected tooth. These filed areas will help the dental onlay to stick to the tooth.

Molding and Cementing

The cosmetic dentist will then make a mold, or an impression, of your tooth. This mold will be used to custom-make a dental onlay that will fit your tooth perfectly. Depending on your dentist’s equipment, you may be able to get an onlay on the same day as your procedure. However, it is common to wait a few days or weeks for an onlay to be manufactured and ready for use.

Smoothing and Aftercare

Once you have the permanent onlay cemented in, your dentist will use special tools to smooth and polish the onlay. This step is to make sure it was installed correctly and will be comfortable for you to wear. If you notice any roughness or scraping on your tongue, tell your dentist. He needs to make sure the onlay will not affect your bite, gums, or tongue. Immediately after your temporary or permanent onlay has been cemented in, you will probably be numb for a few hours. Chew and drink carefully to avoid hurting your mouth. Continue good oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing, to maintain healthy teeth and a healthy onlay.

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