Common Dental Emergencies

Most often, dental emergencies are related to injuries caused by a sudden impact to the face, biting down on a hard object, or biting the tongue or lip. Below, you’ll get a closer look at some of the dental emergencies you may encounter with everyday injuries.
  • Toothaches – A severe toothache can arise suddenly and cause extreme discomfort that you will not want to live with while you wait for a dental appointment. Same-day treatment can minimize damage to the affected tooth and reduce your pain.
  • Knocked-out teeth – When met with immediate treatment, a knocked-out tooth may be effectively reattached to spare you from a dental implant or fixed bridge. If a tooth is completely knocked-out, you will want to keep the tooth moist by placing it in milk or holding the tooth between your cheek and gums until you get to the dentist’s office.
  • Cracked teeth – A cracked tooth can be painful if any nerves inside the teeth are exposed, and the jagged edge of the tooth may pose a risk for injuries to the cheeks and tongue. To repair a cracked tooth, your dentist may apply a temporary crown and schedule a visit to place a permanent restoration during regular practice hours.
  • Soft tissue injuries – Inadvertently biting your tongue or lip may leave you with a painful injury that could require stitches to heal properly. If you have injured the soft tissues of your mouth this way, you should rinse the area gently and apply gauze to control the bleeding.

Dental Emergency Services at Awesome Dentistry

Awesome Dentistry provides our patients with access to a 24/7 live phone service that will let you schedule same-day appointments with our Emergency Dentists in Oakbrook Terrace IL, or early morning services for injuries that take place in the middle of the night. Because we offer a wide range of dental services in one practice, you can get the care you need without waiting for a referral to a specialist.

To schedule regular services or get in touch with our emergency Dentists in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, call us at (630) 571-3030.